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“Free the Monster Inside”

October 31, 2014

“Free the Monster Inside”

I have been inspired by everything that has gone wrong in the world. Today on the eve before Halloween the day when people put on mask’s and pretend to frolic in the shadows of the night, only to turn backward into the malaise of their routines at the start of the next day. Imagine all the things you really want, what is stopping you other than yourself? Rules? Regulations? those words are written by old men for the sake of corporations that want a corner of the world onto themselves. THEY FEAR YOU, the dreamer, the doer, the person whom leaves, the person whom comes back, the person whom creates, the person whom upsets. Throw your mind like a spear and follow it, for the prey is on the other end. Weakness is a delusion it does not exist only attempts, further attempts, until you get where you want to be.

Push the road with your mind it will bend. Just take the first step and the barriers will crumble. Free the monster that you can be for all the enemies in your wake. Every social strand of structure is against you succeeding and making yourself happy, tread on all of them as they have done on your dreams. SHOW NO MERCY! Imagine a way and it will be there, just use your brain and make a path that does not exist to get where you want to get.

Sometimes you get that feeling that the world is at a focal point where just a little feather as it falls on the weight scales pushes the future one way or another. You are it, you are that force. CRUSH THE SCALES!

Connect with others that dream what you dream, create with others that want to create with you, bend the world by yourself or make a following, its’ all up to you. All you have to do is simply try, today, little by little, it does not have to be all at once, just one step at a time, step by step by step.

Porn, Meditation, and Motivation

May 29, 2014

Found these two interesting stories

Porn may be messing with your head & Market Playing and Meditation

On some level I can understand why. Basic urges level out the motivational factors and make us dumb and complacent. While practicing mind clearance creates a steady state from which decision making about future monetary bets and their outcomes leads to a place of not caring about outcomes more thus easier judgment about them.

A society of disposable wants and needs with the base core want of monetary enrichment at the forefront of its apex core value if you combine the focal points of the two. Seems an enlightening prospect really. Seeking that which is hard wired into humans and making it filtered with mnemonic suggestion of becoming increasingly dumb. Yet on the other hand pushing ever deeper the clearance of once mind to deeply seek 1s and 0s in the proverbial search for consumable treasures. Neither is really satisfying in the long run and both are seemingly churned in perpetual motion to set a society running after its’ tail over and over again without stopping to think over what the true ideals should be.

Oh Ice cream and consumable gluttony perhaps?

Too fat to fight.



Rules, Ambition, and Reality

May 23, 2014

Have you ever wondered why more and more rules and laws enter our society. Well for the most part it is ambitious people trying to bend reality to how they see the world and professing what works for them should work for all. In some sense the gov’t tries to accommodate this since it benefits in showings its’ ambition towards reality via rule creation.

In the overall cycle of societal decay and resurgence one can almost see that the more a society decays the more moral support and other structural aspects are framed around it via rule-making. You could almost imagine a growing decaying edifice built out of words and ideas supported by beams of truth somewhere at its core but now overbuilt and overburdened by esthetic, morose ugliness, both in intent and spirit because it skews the desires of some and appeals to their sense of art or benefit.

It is so much easier to look at Government through a lens of art since at its’ core it is a psychological power imperative interplay between infinite societal actors playing with each other and against each other both now and inter-temporally. It is so much simpler to wonder why all this time vampirization is promoted in the government rule making, and the answer is simply that it leaves you less time and ability to question or non-comply with anything thrown out. The problem is that once a constant churn of rule making machinery starts producing it becomes impossible to follow them and society simply lifts its hands in a sigh and does nothing at which point everything comes crashing down. Granted this takes decades or even hundreds of years at its’ core the timeline is the same.

Now imagine yourself God a complete sovereign unto the universe and assume that whatever you do is right and whatever you think is the way thought should be and just live like that and in some way you will be very near to what Gov’t collectively thinks it is, and yet it is simply an imperfect collection of ambition fretting into endless vectors of thought and trying to encompass every venue and avenue of control it has, had, or ever will have. Alas, it is like a bubble once it gets too big it pops and implodes upon itself. Perhaps we are getting closer and closer to this reality.

From Disposable Workers towards a Disposable Society

May 7, 2014

From Disposable Workers towards a Disposable Society

It seems slowly but surely we have reached the point we have strive so hard to attain. When your disposable drink comes with your disposable job based on your disposable education fitting into your disposable station in a disposable society. Everything functions but just is a little too temporary and too worthless. There seems nothing worth fighting for in any sense of the word at least externally that exists in society reflecting its’ wants on ourselves.
The last bastion of identity building in our disposable schools and education system is attempting to clear that core self-knowledge we gain when we learn something we enjoy learning and find out something we want to reach. The whole point it seems is to create mindless sheep slowly moving in circles pretending to be blessed and optimistic looking at kaleidoscopes of pre-determined ideals formed from those ‘whom know best’.

This counter-intuitive society of discontent expects engineers and creators to exist on one hand and have them be mindless hamsters on the other. Sadly that is where we are, when companies try to have disposable engineers, researchers, and other people recycled to extract value and thrown out as soon as the replacement cycle kicks in, or any ideal contamination of what thoughts they should collectively have and profess externally is found. Alas, it seems to be running out, of people and resources to extract value from and this crisis of both identity and resources at large is found foully and wholly inadequate. Sadly any thoughts or discussion on this topic has been so thoroughly ironed out by the media and the minds of the public at large so zombified with cyclical apprehension, bread and circus television that any aspiring answers to be found will simply have massive wave of individuals staring blankly at the wall of inaction as the world crumbles slowly but surely around them.
Congratulations you have reached the finale, do not mind the bankers sycophantically moving zeros around mindlessly from one computer to another in glee as those zeroes become worthless with every passing second both in terms of what you can actually do, and with what you can actually expect.

Vacation as a Journey instead of a Trip

February 14, 2014

Letting go to reach a state of mind.

Have you ever thought why vacations today seem so scripted, almost like a rule book going from one step to another. It almost seems like a prescription description, take three-times daily before each meal, drink lots of liquids and make sure to limit strains on your body. In a way people have become so automated not just for the sake of convenience when they go through a search engine or a trip site to get a deal on hotel, air fare, and few theater tickets but to some degree like a ritual. Bang, bang, bang, you are done vacation blast-off in three, two, one, lay on your back sip some drink snooze, lose, let your worries about the hamster wheel wither away, OK done, now you are good to go back. Congratulations you completed your rest cycle welcome back to work little drone follow the leader, and so on.

Remember when you read a book when you were young. That world you immersed yourself in, the imagery in your mind that is where you’re supposed to go. A journey into not just an environment but yourself your own identity and reflect on nature and let it reflect on you. You are part of it. What about those fishing trips with dad or going to a beach with your family when you were little. The surroundings mattered much less than your intake of them, you felt the exposure to light and water and sand, and everything felt so much more not just real but surreal. You almost felt small changes in nature around you and in people, their little waves of joy or contentment.

Today all of it is still there but it is so compartmentalized and organized, separated into bite sized pieces at ‘affordable’ prices and little venues which simply expose you to a caricature of society where you are your own parody.

Why not let your soul smile for a bit, and just enjoy something simple. Reflect with your mind like the ocean reflects the sky.

Everyone wants to get away and in a way they do until they realize all they are getting away from are themselves. The scenery changes but everything you have you bring with you. All those problems and expectations, the things you did and those you wanted to do, and everything else. The whole point of journeys is to let things go, and start fresh. It is in some sense finding your own self, anew, vigorously looking life in the eyes and accepting everything that is, was, and will be. One journeys to reinforce self, be it right or wrong, it is not just an escape for the body but also something of a sharpening for the mind. You have to think, break out of the cycle of routine, and let things go in your head, just enjoy the thoughts as a spectator for a while, they don’t have to make sense. Just enjoy whatever thoughts you have coming in, they are all good.

Luck and Imagination

February 13, 2014

Going to go a little philosophical here or a lot.

Sometimes we seem to forget that luck is a very fateful concept and yet we assume that we cannot tip it on balance in our favor by thinking. Why the hell not? Well most of the attribution we make to luck is post-fact but we never actually close our eyes and think carefully about the scales slowly moving towards us as we throw a pair of dice, pick up our hand of cards, press a button as we apply for a job, walk by a coffee shop, etc. There is no premonitionary promotion of self only post-self.

Imagine a world where things tip your way, naturally and effortlessly. All you have to do is just think it and the wind blows your way, a girl steps your way, an outcome comes out closer to what you want, all you have to do is just wish for it in your mind and be pleasantly surprised when it happens. What about when it doesn’t? well that’s also good perhaps next time, so hopefully that time comes around sooner. Perhaps making that next time happen sooner is the whole point. A series of reverberating steps that go in a Mandelbrodt circle of repetition off by one whole number here or there, periodically shaping into a different shape or a completely different line at all.

Luck as a concept is very godlike it seems almost euphorically inclined to produce magical outcomes for the bearer and yet it exists because outcomes have to favor someone, sometime, over others. Today its’ you tomorrow someone else. Which way it goes nobody knows.

There is a lot of psychological nuance in how people approach luck. Some people assume bad decisions and suffering in order to ‘purchase’ deservance of luck it seems. Almost a pay-it-forward for yourself except you never actually enjoy the pay-it aspect and it is in some sense very desirously unfulfilling. Everything in our society is promoted as a purchase decision or a choice and thus there is an increased impetus on ‘payment’ of some sort, paying dues in time, space, matter, or otherwise. If you simply free yourself to enjoy whatever comes your way it will probably be much easier for you and far closer to the way nature intended.

Nature is the ultimate arbiter in this game and yet we try to control the outcomes by predisposition of outcomes and determinants ad-hoc or post-hoc to our actions or inactions and the environment. Credit has to be given to someone and we shun giving it to the universe, because that seems silly.  Deservance has nothing to do with, that is a judgement based on some notion of today and the society around you, Nature does not play that game, what it does play is boldness and a few roads versus the many because it tests the robustness of our actions.

Good Luck :P

Certification and Tactical Obsolescence

January 21, 2014

The currency of today revolves around being certified in your abilities by someone else. Weather it be by a person on Linkedin, a chartered designation by a third party, a simple certified testing aspect, a semi-fiduciary agency, a government agency. Yet all of these aspects become more and more ingrained in our lives without people realizing how absurd it is becoming.

Do you really need to be certified in handling food? are people that retarded that they cannot be told and expected to wash their hands and be hygienic around food preparation or in those facilities. Do you really need a license or a permit for every venue of participation in the economy to guide others to your competence? Wouldn’t your product speak for itself or not? What about being certified in typing speed, writing skills, or basic math? It seems everyone wants continued reassurance of competence at the expense of the participant. Because all these things cost time and money, what you have is a continuous pressing out of actually able people whom cannot cope with the overhead of keeping paper certifications that expire every few years requiring the requisite training. In reality it is all a racket by the “education” industry that gets to extract a continuous flow of training or certification course work that teaches nothing.

All this overhead becomes a very real burden on every participant in a given industry and yet they continue to request these aspects from applicants in one form or another. Everyone pays for these in lower supply of able people, higher costs for both payment and upkeep, but the real tragedy is the time loss and waste this endeavors. All those extra venues to siphon time to garner earnings by other participants between employer and employee by consulting agencies, bureaus, etc. The fun part is the musical chairs game every participants plays to offload the cost of these things on the employee.

The real world is so much more dynamic than these things. We have things come out that make others obsolete daily. By the time someone learns a program or passes a test making them “qualified” in one thing or another a dozen new programs learned by others without certifications make the later more competent. How many of those certified in Java, Unix, or any other major language become start-up entrepreneurs and created a dynamic money making enterprise? few to none in the past decade. In real life by the time someone gets certified others have created an enterprise as a venue to overcome the barrier of non-demand. In real world people learn to build in the world of today people get certified for a chance to participate for someone else. Yet those whom learn to build always outdo and ignore all these stairways of malaise and ingrained necessity mandated by the treadmill educational environment where you need to go another mile. But as soon as you get one certification it becomes obsolete and you need to treadmill after another or requirements get boosted by the availability of median hamster jumpers like you to necessitate another funnel. Tedious and yet so very real.

I guess to win in this type of setting one only has to bow out of the race and simply go on his own, to do what the heart desires.


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