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Job Market and Know How

November 8, 2010

Novemer 8th, 2010

Job Market and Know How

by Lushfun

As I look for work it dawns on me how much technical specificity the job requirments are innundated with. In some way it seems not just absurd but laughable that the requirments and the potential payout are so idiotically skewed. People are looking for Ph.D interns with knowledge in complex math and developers who know multiple languages and years of experience, while at the same time they want them to earn absolutely nothing and work like a hamster. Are these expectations reasonable? seriously now? But no, the flood of idiocy continues unabatted with listings being churned out for the hidden gems of people that will work for nothing because hey your company is the absolute best to be at, even if your going to have to eat crackers just to jump at the opportunity.

In some way the exceptional has become the desired norm and normal the discarded. To me it seems odd that seeing myself as regular and no better or worse than anyone else is an extreme downgrade. The notion that you have to upsell yourself beyond the orbit of your ego, seems a bit rediculous. Have we become a country of salesmen and marketers whom excell at selling the snake oil excellence to each other? I am certain there are exceptional people who are very good. I am also certain they are rare and their pool does not exponentially expand to meet all the job postings that are being churned like a ferris wheel. In a sense, its a rational expectation that the companies that hire do not want to settle since their timeline is infinity at least on paper, on the other hand practicality says that it is simply a joke they are playing on themselves.

Maybe I am just bitter, but even if someone replied to my applications and hired me, my outlook wouldn’t change much on this matter. May the force be with you and good luck dear reader in your endevours.

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