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Creativity the fleeting Zen

November 15, 2010

Creativity the fleeting Zen. by Lushfun 10.15.2010

Bouts of creativity are rare for me, and sometimes they come if I just start writing something shutting out all other thoughts completely. Feeling so boxed in by expectations, some my own, some external. During the past ten years I have behaved very much like driftwood, drifting along with the current of time.

After reading some of the panacea of the cookie cutter recipes with general bullet points of steps a through z that you need to “succeed” in one discipline or another to “win win win” it began to dawn on me that it is much similar to the propaganda of school, where the useful and critical thought is eviscerated from daily life. You are likened to an automaton much like the program that spits out a function once you throw a parameter into it to get a reaction. Critical thought requires introspection and time, sometimes it doesn’t come for a while, long past the wrong decisions or the missed opportunity. Reflection and hindsight is a bitch.

People seem so concerned on specificity and refining the effervescent corners of said polished frame of mind that absurdness just hazes over their worldview. We all feverishly practice obsessive-compulsive behavior, tightening our nerves like strings on a guitar, that snap when reality strikes to play them.

All we long for is a few moments of total acceptance to warm the hearth of our hearts. Simple things are always harder to see because it requires the viewer to come down from the ego of his mind play. Nature is a good friend to have on your side instead of trying to compete against like a fool. In the end all that struggling and competition is not against anyone else but yourself. Nature has a way of humbling people in the end.

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