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Taming Success [Satire]

November 22, 2010

Taming Success [Satire]

What’s in a word anyways? Perhaps it is all about expectations.
You know you build yourself up a little, furrow that brow, tilt your hat, pout your lip
and launch yourself into the bathroom to successfully dump a little memento of your own. Maybe that is lowering bar a little but hell you have to start somewhere. All of this
obsession, negativity growing from the pit of your stomach, pestering social cues of trial, error, drive, ambition, go-go-go and conquer your piece of the pie and if you fail, then boom in the proverbial garbage heap for you.

Seriously? is this what people think. Everything is relative, successful at work miserable at life, successful at life miserable at work, and lots of little avenues here and there which make up the gray areas between perfection (which does not exist) and utter and complete failure (which also does not exist) because your perception of someone elses’ achievements DO NOT MATTER, it is all self-personified and self-redacted. Look into your own bowl and do not bark up at mine type of thing.

Then we go into the statistical crapper; average income, mean multiple partners in bed, amount of times came at this quintile or decile in such and such event, study, etc. and etc… Measure yourself against the proverbial yardstick as it gets shoved deeper and deeper up your ass! Up to and until your mind is completely consumed with a nervous tick that slowly but surely hastens the probability of stroke as that twitchy eye and a feverishly pacing heart improve a likely successful exit way ahead of the group. Go you!

Notice how dear success is, all that sacrifice, time, effort, and on and on. Is it worth it? All this delusionary influence of common, get in line, you gotta get yours! Where? What? Why? Why not just get what you need, be somewhat comfortable and not overextend yourself into a little wooden box. Reality of course is the lion tamer in the room, so what else is left except… lying. World as we know it becomes predicated on semantic one up-manship in defining away reality. Oh you’re a financial executive in charge of risk management for consumers, and me well you know a little of this a little of that, I operate on the fiscal accounting side in charge of our company’s retail division. Although an insurance salesman and a cashier is really all you are, your imaginary cloud starts to construct and orchestra of well “what if” I just do a little of this and a little of that, and then wham bam thank you mam, I might get there, but you haven’t even began on the road to there and so this goes into the proverbial run around. I dabble in this but my real ambition is that and I am on my way so its OK, and everyone constructs a wonderful little fairy tale of how everything is going to end wonderfully and I am riding down the “yellow brick” road. Eventually it all gets tedious and tiring and we accept reality, youth and stupidity are friends after all.

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