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Life and Longevity

November 28, 2010

Was watching a lot of Aubrey De Grey videos on TED conference and through the Singularity Institute site recently. This area does force a lot of reflection on the possibilities of incrementally achieving some sort of health escape velocity he mentions where humans live very long times.

The philosophical aspect of choice post event is interesting. If we lived to 200 or 300 years with 90% of that time being healthy, perhaps we would have children at a 100 if at all since people would keep putting it further and further away. My feeling is the longer we live the higher the inequality in the world with resources becoming the most predominant fighting ground between haves and have nots. Food, energy, space, would become checkpoints of furious contention, granted we could colonize space but that would seem to be harder than improving lifespan. Even if fertility drops competition over these resources would go up by a few multiples which would really suck. Certainly technology would improve some access to these goods but not sure it could match the demand curve.

Competition would be fairly fierce for jobs, mates, and life in general. Wars would perhaps revert to being more imperialistic in nature seeking resource bases. Unless we discover free energy and can create stuff out of it of course. But perhaps I am a bit of a pessimist. Anyhow added a nice youtube of Aubrey de Grey below for your viewing pleasure. take a poll?

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