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Serfdom, Feminisim, and the Present

December 10, 2010

by Lushfun
Serfdom which is essentially slavery was abolished around 1861, until that time it cost you slightly less to kill a serf than horse. In America slavery was abolished only about four years later. The events happened for vastly different motives, and usually not the ones you read about in the history books. The likelihood of revolution due to poor treatment and status of serfs was rising with every years considering that Western Europe at the time had mostly abolished slavery and was on its way to representative republicanism. A few rebellions where the manor lords/gentry were killed off along with their families happened in Poland and Russia and thus reform was pushed through. In America similar things happened. Both got emancipated due to wars weakening their underlying regimes, ergo Crimean War and the Civil War basically forced the issue and for the most part it occurred to keep the economic system in place. In Europe it was done to keep the underclass placated and the economic hierarchy in place since the reliance of freed serfs on their masters was even higher than before, while in America it was done for economic domination of North versus South while keeping the social hierarchy similarly in place.

Fast forward to today and the rents and fees, those former serfs/slaves paid to their masters manifest themselves in perpetual taxation based on location(property taxes), income(income tax), commerce(sales tax), and a myriad of others. Most of these are passed through by the owner to the customer and the people on the bottom pay their freight just as before simply under a veil of ignorance and semantics(things are called different things). Simply naming things differently does not alter their function since as a base you have to pay someone for freedom of functionality just like before except now it is cycled through “the government” before the factors are redistributed to maintain the ideal of equal burden for the sake of optimal society. The ideal of course is to not just have the physical boundaries of laws enforced by the boot of the government agent, but to have you believe in the system and comply willingly. Without compliance the system does not work, so ‘ideals’, ‘ethics’, ‘beliefs’, and ‘morals’ are taught and ingrained through the boot camp of the school system we enjoy. Running around like Pavlov’s dogs from one ringing signal to another with a social interaction meal in between we participate in our own brainwashing from kid to adult.

Present is a tricky state, it revolves around concrete actions, like getting up moving, doing, feeling, breathing, etc. Mentally our plasticity diminishes with time, no matter how open minded we think we are by the time we are in our twenties or thirties the way we think influences what we think about. Critical thought impedes on the comfort of regular and rehearsed outlets that make it easy to be a world thinker through participating in the consumption of thoughts of others. Consuming content and ideals along with it we build our little rationalization minds into pillars of discontent that revolve around some issue here and there that is flickered into our worldview by content mill we frequent.

Ah, subconscious appeal to the most basic and unscrupulous desires of men and women. The self, idiosyncratic nooks and crannies of our formative reptilian drives. Is there no appeal greater than to ones benefit and sexuality? Wouldn’t it be great if the world just tilted slightly in your mental favor and it was done so in the pursuit of justice? Tam-ta-ra-ra-ram Feminism to the rescue! Why was it promoted instead of Masculinism or some such ideal? Glad you asked dear reader. Female networks are much more socially integrated and intertwined with the sinews of society. An ideal that elicits compliance of the whole populous through the carrot of one sex is also a good two for one deal. As the saying goes if the government robs Peter to pay Paulette, it can always rely on Paulette to champion her righteous cause to get whatever Peter has. There you have it an easy idealistic moral sword for one half of the population to wield to help aid in submitting the other, never realizing of course that it is a pawn in a much more shrewd game. As the laws were amended and the balance of power shifted further and further to one sex there are efficiency losses carried by society at large. Constraints that appear as benefits only further the likelihood of a slow but steady civilizational loss that is moving like a locomotive in a tunnel, except the headlight is out and you do not know how far away it is.

P.S. this is part 1 I will most likely amend and extend this or other versions.

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