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Cool New game VBf1000

December 16, 2010 add me on twitter-lushfun

Out now on crack box 369! Gets yours NOW!!!

VBf1000 is the new Virtual Boyfriend simulator, for those girls seeking the real thing to practice upon. Here you can have your very own boyfriend of your choice of colors, incomes, personality traits and a myriad of selections. Personalities range from favorites like: pimp “yo bitch! where is my money”

“get your booty on the floor and work that sh*t!”

“Where is my money! honey, go out and sell that pus, it ain gonna sell itself!”

crackhead: “I was gona get you a gift but lost my twenty, can I borrow some money?”

“keep blowing, just gonna take a small hit from the pipe of truth”

“what do you mean your missing your earrings, the diamond encrusted with platinum, haven’t seen them girl”

investment banker: “did you like the deal  I set up on your parents house? what do you mean its in foreclosure, well you got assets go sell them on the corner.”

“lets securitize your ass”, “to fully realize your potential you have to bill hourly”.

and of course there are many, many others. Act now and we will include a clay 12inch Dil-Do, just put seeds on the base and water.

The game includes multiple missions from the crowd favorite, send your boyfriend for tampons to cheat-o-matic where you try to keep the relationship going by juggling multiple boyfriends at the same time. You can access the game from your iPhone or iPad and feed the boyfriend so he doesn’t starve just like a real pet! Access hidden levels like the Colosseum, date where you have two boyfriends fighting to the death for your affection. Paris, where you ditch your boyfriend to enjoy the locals. China, where you get toxic points for a shopping mission through the hall of bootleg knockoffs.

Get this killer game and enjoy, while supplies last.

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