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Escape Vent

December 22, 2010

Escape Vent

What would one want to escape? Fate, mundane realities of the present, self-perceptions, their station or lack there of in society, perhaps and infinite number of other things can be thrown into the mix.

One cannot escape their surroundings because they are tempered by one’s attitude and in order to change them you have to change your perception of self. But that’s some reflective idiocy on my end. The reality is sometimes your surroundings suck and they are the product of others whom are more eager to create a nature of subservience within the ecosystem to serve their interests.

Lately there seems to be a perfect storm, wikileaks being lambasted to hide governmental corruption, assault on personal freedoms seems to be going full steam ahead, net neutrality is being segmented in a divide and conquer fashion, so that eventually we will be left with as few networks online as we are in real life. All of this seems so very surreal but never the less is slowly occurring. Perhaps it is the great health plan of the future which will put anyone in jail unable or unwilling to pay premiums to health insurance giants vis a vis government extortion brigades that got me thinking this way. It might have been the FDA raiding organic food producers in California and elsewhere, as well as, big food processors attempting to kill the last vestiges of the family farm with regulation disallowing anyone to grow food for their own or commercial consumption without being probed by aliens, I mean the FDA. They only want to keep us safe[sarcasm], from ourselves of course. and a little bribe here and there from Monsanto or someone similar in the form of a campaign contribution or a stock grant doesn’t hurt those bureaucrats. Most of whom go from Monsanto to work at FDA back and forth almost writing regulation for themselves so to speak.

This does make me sad at times, but well its OK. None of this matters one bit. Once all of this comes true and the proverbial neck of the populace is snapped, we will enter the Age of Randomness. History as we know it is usually a manipulated shell of ideas through a lens of revision made up by a systemic reflection of what is best for the system creating a base background for which others can believe. Tempering an alloy of reality one can only look at what happens when fundamental corruption permeates the government, societies reply with black markets, mafias, and perpetual coups until the system disintegrates and reforms itself into something descent. Empires are built on sand and a mortar of blood, but the ocean is usually a few feet away, and that’s Nature humming away as it edges closer to level us back to reality.

*food safety bill on thomas for text

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