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Historical Mirrors Part1 (blog reorganization in progress)

May 30, 2012

Every period has a sort of transitional period that is fairly ignored. Think the interwar period between WW1 and WW2. Perhaps even go back further and the one between 1880s and WW1. Think about the shifts in those periods. Aristocracy was comprehensively decaying in both prestige and power which was transferred slowly but surely to bureaucratic classes. Industrialization pushed through necessity of a faster and more rapid bureaucratic class to rubber stamp actions necessary for the development of the state.

Class warfare first ideologically and then via actual physical contention was more or less spurred on by the natural condensation of populations into the cities as they moved from rural to urban settings.

Media exploded via cheaper printing, photos, radio, and cinema. The internet right now is simply the first of the new technologies that create the base of the new era, information age? perhaps but that is not the ideal. The ideal in my view is total individuality that is sustainable. Imagine your own energy, information assimilation and dissipation, complete non-dependence on society at large and the disassociation from the pyramidal sources of societal power which ration it according to your posture within it. Will it happen soon? perhaps ti depends on how soon is soon.

The curious aspect is the dynamics these changes churned within societies between men and women within them. Feudalism melted away under the productivity onslaught and surplus abilities of the burghers and merchants of the cities to become far wealthier and more powerful than most feudal lords and if the later wanted to they could have simply hired people at will to contest that reality on fields of battle. Granted this was totally unnecessary due to reality being completely blatantly obvious to all as it revealed itself. Push for greater stability via productional orientation of societies via merchant wars by specialization in one or another good and exploitation of any and all markets. Wars based on mercantilistic ideals instead of conquest or supremacy being the primacy causes.

Society became streamlined to be more stable and give more stakes to all via voting being shared with poor and rich, men and women, etc… but stability breeds systemic instability. The fat and happy have no fear of sorrow and possible dangers of pushing for greater and greater buckets of prosperity at any cost. So we reach WW1 and WW2 and beyond.


-reorganizing main blog on so for now just going to do a post here-

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