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June 21, 2012

People seem to be pressed ever so slightly to the margins.
We are constantly pushed by society to the cutting edge of the affordable survival. Credit is juggled to buy groceries or pay a bill or two to shift the burden forward with the ever increasing prices limiting ability to maneuver for almost everyone. The system seems to be suffering ever more from this continuous process of lets extract a little bit from here and from there and eat a little here and shift a little there slowly becomes more and more brittle.

Pension costs that are carried today by the public at large, will most likely hit the wall in a year or two. Most cities, states, and the nation at large are oblivious. Expectations for 5% growth do not consider a -5% contraction to simply snap the rubber band of idiocy into the cartoon character to run on empty air, until of course we look down.

The sad part is the adjustment and detonation will hit most people like a surprise that couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t happen ever. Aggrandizing reality of disillusionment comes closer every day.

The trick of course is to simple accept it and move on with your life, do something productive, do something you like, do something that simply helps you accept things wherever they may fall. All of us find this hard to do since the ever festering necessities of here now and the instant gratification of consumer culture bend our wants and needs into things that don’t reflect our inner souls. Sadly some of us never come out of the illusion we help create ourselves with a little help from society at large.

Summer the great accelerator of fun and excitement. We are all enjoying a sunbathing experience that slowly gives us our daily dose of vitamin D and other nice aspects like optimism.
Yes, the last jolts of Optimism coupled with seasonal acceleration of attitudes are providing us a little breathing window to mellow out before the slow crash that was coming since the turn of the millenia. But hey was it really fun while it lasted? Perhaps but not for most of us. All people ever wanted was a nice job which could provide for a few vacations during the year and a little bank for a rainy day. Instead they got the treadmill of debt with spiraling prices for everything they wished at every turn in their lives. Treadmill is cracking and the movie is ending.

Affordability comes from low prices and wages exceeding your reasonable necessities.

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