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TV Show Jobs

July 18, 2012

by Lushfun


Working for it seems to be the general ideal. Mass conformity to someone’s expectations and striving to meet them every possible way is the new buzz from the Pavlovian Media. Has anyone noticed the amount of TV Shows that got spawned about people competing for jobs?


Not just any jobs either. Is it me or now besides being a specialist in your field you have to do flips, sing songs, and to a degree knock off the competition. Being competent is not the point, winning at any cost while getting “the prize” of being someone’s indentured servant after is.


Apprentice, Top Chef, Flip this House and a bunch of other shows, show you how to strive in a field so that you could one day work for someone else. Ah, but there are start-ups which you could see on YouTube and elsewhere, and one day you too could start one, or can you?


The reality shows of today focus so much on gamesmanship and competence for someone else’s benefit. If we look very closely we could see something very odd. Media from the bygone era portray individualistic people striving for their peace of the pie, be it a cowboy, a banker (“It’s a Beautiful Life”), or someone else. Impetus was placed on them striving either on their own or for someone else to get up and start on their own. Their focus was individualistic to succeed for themselves.


Today, you succeed for someone else, and that’s the goal. It shifted from being your own person to being owned by someone else. Not only that its’ fun watching people compete to become the next Chef at a restaurant they do not own competing against one or a few others. We don’t see that eventually this chef also burns out due to unrealistic expectations for the person to work as a machine while gaining as little recompense as possible. Another thing we miss is the natural cycle of today for businesses to have employees treadmill as much as possible to siphon off productivity while systemically putting them in a replace-o cycle once they loose their breath. This is not the problem in my view, the business should try to maximize what they could get out of the employee. Problem lies in the glorification of spinning the wheel, not growing your competence, not trying to be your own self and attempt to start on your own. We glorified running after a carrot that someone else is yanking in front of you, go donkey go!…

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