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Illusion of Control

July 29, 2012

Illusion of Control by Lushfun.

Watched this video and listened to it. Apparently checkpoint stops everywhere are the new NORMAL and we have no rights because the procedures of Federal Government says that every right needs a permission which they will deny. Sad, stupid, and statist idiocy.

What I find odd is that all these people ‘confronting’ a journalist for doing something “illegal” because they are afraid. They are afraid because once their face is on the web it will never be deleted. A proper image search will reveal whom they are and where they are and what they did wrong. They know that if push comes to shove the proverbial procedure is to ditch them under the litigation bus and publicly condone their behavior. Sadly it will only get worse until there is a intangible flow back through the cycle.

Consent ends when fear inspires action out of anger. We are on the cusp of the beginning when it declines, along with the economy.

Hopefully more videos like this will follow so we could all smell the roses and get rid of the abridgement of our rights. Government pretends our rights are privileges but that is not, it is their delusion of control. Because it ends when they fear it most and the population is most angry due to those controls overreaching and siphoning off their freedoms.

Rise up and speak, rise up and mail, rise up and petition, rise up and become politicians that will curb these absurd restraints on the rivers of freedom.

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