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Certification and Tactical Obsolescence

January 21, 2014

The currency of today revolves around being certified in your abilities by someone else. Weather it be by a person on Linkedin, a chartered designation by a third party, a simple certified testing aspect, a semi-fiduciary agency, a government agency. Yet all of these aspects become more and more ingrained in our lives without people realizing how absurd it is becoming.

Do you really need to be certified in handling food? are people that retarded that they cannot be told and expected to wash their hands and be hygienic around food preparation or in those facilities. Do you really need a license or a permit for every venue of participation in the economy to guide others to your competence? Wouldn’t your product speak for itself or not? What about being certified in typing speed, writing skills, or basic math? It seems everyone wants continued reassurance of competence at the expense of the participant. Because all these things cost time and money, what you have is a continuous pressing out of actually able people whom cannot cope with the overhead of keeping paper certifications that expire every few years requiring the requisite training. In reality it is all a racket by the “education” industry that gets to extract a continuous flow of training or certification course work that teaches nothing.

All this overhead becomes a very real burden on every participant in a given industry and yet they continue to request these aspects from applicants in one form or another. Everyone pays for these in lower supply of able people, higher costs for both payment and upkeep, but the real tragedy is the time loss and waste this endeavors. All those extra venues to siphon time to garner earnings by other participants between employer and employee by consulting agencies, bureaus, etc. The fun part is the musical chairs game every participants plays to offload the cost of these things on the employee.

The real world is so much more dynamic than these things. We have things come out that make others obsolete daily. By the time someone learns a program or passes a test making them “qualified” in one thing or another a dozen new programs learned by others without certifications make the later more competent. How many of those certified in Java, Unix, or any other major language become start-up entrepreneurs and created a dynamic money making enterprise? few to none in the past decade. In real life by the time someone gets certified others have created an enterprise as a venue to overcome the barrier of non-demand. In real world people learn to build in the world of today people get certified for a chance to participate for someone else. Yet those whom learn to build always outdo and ignore all these stairways of malaise and ingrained necessity mandated by the treadmill educational environment where you need to go another mile. But as soon as you get one certification it becomes obsolete and you need to treadmill after another or requirements get boosted by the availability of median hamster jumpers like you to necessitate another funnel. Tedious and yet so very real.

I guess to win in this type of setting one only has to bow out of the race and simply go on his own, to do what the heart desires.

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