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Luck and Imagination

February 13, 2014

Going to go a little philosophical here or a lot.

Sometimes we seem to forget that luck is a very fateful concept and yet we assume that we cannot tip it on balance in our favor by thinking. Why the hell not? Well most of the attribution we make to luck is post-fact but we never actually close our eyes and think carefully about the scales slowly moving towards us as we throw a pair of dice, pick up our hand of cards, press a button as we apply for a job, walk by a coffee shop, etc. There is no premonitionary promotion of self only post-self.

Imagine a world where things tip your way, naturally and effortlessly. All you have to do is just think it and the wind blows your way, a girl steps your way, an outcome comes out closer to what you want, all you have to do is just wish for it in your mind and be pleasantly surprised when it happens. What about when it doesn’t? well that’s also good perhaps next time, so hopefully that time comes around sooner. Perhaps making that next time happen sooner is the whole point. A series of reverberating steps that go in a Mandelbrodt circle of repetition off by one whole number here or there, periodically shaping into a different shape or a completely different line at all.

Luck as a concept is very godlike it seems almost euphorically inclined to produce magical outcomes for the bearer and yet it exists because outcomes have to favor someone, sometime, over others. Today its’ you tomorrow someone else. Which way it goes nobody knows.

There is a lot of psychological nuance in how people approach luck. Some people assume bad decisions and suffering in order to ‘purchase’ deservance of luck it seems. Almost a pay-it-forward for yourself except you never actually enjoy the pay-it aspect and it is in some sense very desirously unfulfilling. Everything in our society is promoted as a purchase decision or a choice and thus there is an increased impetus on ‘payment’ of some sort, paying dues in time, space, matter, or otherwise. If you simply free yourself to enjoy whatever comes your way it will probably be much easier for you and far closer to the way nature intended.

Nature is the ultimate arbiter in this game and yet we try to control the outcomes by predisposition of outcomes and determinants ad-hoc or post-hoc to our actions or inactions and the environment. Credit has to be given to someone and we shun giving it to the universe, because that seems silly.  Deservance has nothing to do with, that is a judgement based on some notion of today and the society around you, Nature does not play that game, what it does play is boldness and a few roads versus the many because it tests the robustness of our actions.

Good Luck 😛

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