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Vacation as a Journey instead of a Trip

February 14, 2014

Letting go to reach a state of mind.

Have you ever thought why vacations today seem so scripted, almost like a rule book going from one step to another. It almost seems like a prescription description, take three-times daily before each meal, drink lots of liquids and make sure to limit strains on your body. In a way people have become so automated not just for the sake of convenience when they go through a search engine or a trip site to get a deal on hotel, air fare, and few theater tickets but to some degree like a ritual. Bang, bang, bang, you are done vacation blast-off in three, two, one, lay on your back sip some drink snooze, lose, let your worries about the hamster wheel wither away, OK done, now you are good to go back. Congratulations you completed your rest cycle welcome back to work little drone follow the leader, and so on.

Remember when you read a book when you were young. That world you immersed yourself in, the imagery in your mind that is where you’re supposed to go. A journey into not just an environment but yourself your own identity and reflect on nature and let it reflect on you. You are part of it. What about those fishing trips with dad or going to a beach with your family when you were little. The surroundings mattered much less than your intake of them, you felt the exposure to light and water and sand, and everything felt so much more not just real but surreal. You almost felt small changes in nature around you and in people, their little waves of joy or contentment.

Today all of it is still there but it is so compartmentalized and organized, separated into bite sized pieces at ‘affordable’ prices and little venues which simply expose you to a caricature of society where you are your own parody.

Why not let your soul smile for a bit, and just enjoy something simple. Reflect with your mind like the ocean reflects the sky.

Everyone wants to get away and in a way they do until they realize all they are getting away from are themselves. The scenery changes but everything you have you bring with you. All those problems and expectations, the things you did and those you wanted to do, and everything else. The whole point of journeys is to let things go, and start fresh. It is in some sense finding your own self, anew, vigorously looking life in the eyes and accepting everything that is, was, and will be. One journeys to reinforce self, be it right or wrong, it is not just an escape for the body but also something of a sharpening for the mind. You have to think, break out of the cycle of routine, and let things go in your head, just enjoy the thoughts as a spectator for a while, they don’t have to make sense. Just enjoy whatever thoughts you have coming in, they are all good.

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