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From Disposable Workers towards a Disposable Society

May 7, 2014

From Disposable Workers towards a Disposable Society

It seems slowly but surely we have reached the point we have strive so hard to attain. When your disposable drink comes with your disposable job based on your disposable education fitting into your disposable station in a disposable society. Everything functions but just is a little too temporary and too worthless. There seems nothing worth fighting for in any sense of the word at least externally that exists in society reflecting its’ wants on ourselves.
The last bastion of identity building in our disposable schools and education system is attempting to clear that core self-knowledge we gain when we learn something we enjoy learning and find out something we want to reach. The whole point it seems is to create mindless sheep slowly moving in circles pretending to be blessed and optimistic looking at kaleidoscopes of pre-determined ideals formed from those ‘whom know best’.

This counter-intuitive society of discontent expects engineers and creators to exist on one hand and have them be mindless hamsters on the other. Sadly that is where we are, when companies try to have disposable engineers, researchers, and other people recycled to extract value and thrown out as soon as the replacement cycle kicks in, or any ideal contamination of what thoughts they should collectively have and profess externally is found. Alas, it seems to be running out, of people and resources to extract value from and this crisis of both identity and resources at large is found foully and wholly inadequate. Sadly any thoughts or discussion on this topic has been so thoroughly ironed out by the media and the minds of the public at large so zombified with cyclical apprehension, bread and circus television that any aspiring answers to be found will simply have massive wave of individuals staring blankly at the wall of inaction as the world crumbles slowly but surely around them.
Congratulations you have reached the finale, do not mind the bankers sycophantically moving zeros around mindlessly from one computer to another in glee as those zeroes become worthless with every passing second both in terms of what you can actually do, and with what you can actually expect.

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