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Rules, Ambition, and Reality

May 23, 2014

Have you ever wondered why more and more rules and laws enter our society. Well for the most part it is ambitious people trying to bend reality to how they see the world and professing what works for them should work for all. In some sense the gov’t tries to accommodate this since it benefits in showings its’ ambition towards reality via rule creation.

In the overall cycle of societal decay and resurgence one can almost see that the more a society decays the more moral support and other structural aspects are framed around it via rule-making. You could almost imagine a growing decaying edifice built out of words and ideas supported by beams of truth somewhere at its core but now overbuilt and overburdened by esthetic, morose ugliness, both in intent and spirit because it skews the desires of some and appeals to their sense of art or benefit.

It is so much easier to look at Government through a lens of art since at its’ core it is a psychological power imperative interplay between infinite societal actors playing with each other and against each other both now and inter-temporally. It is so much simpler to wonder why all this time vampirization is promoted in the government rule making, and the answer is simply that it leaves you less time and ability to question or non-comply with anything thrown out. The problem is that once a constant churn of rule making machinery starts producing it becomes impossible to follow them and society simply lifts its hands in a sigh and does nothing at which point everything comes crashing down. Granted this takes decades or even hundreds of years at its’ core the timeline is the same.

Now imagine yourself God a complete sovereign unto the universe and assume that whatever you do is right and whatever you think is the way thought should be and just live like that and in some way you will be very near to what Gov’t collectively thinks it is, and yet it is simply an imperfect collection of ambition fretting into endless vectors of thought and trying to encompass every venue and avenue of control it has, had, or ever will have. Alas, it is like a bubble once it gets too big it pops and implodes upon itself. Perhaps we are getting closer and closer to this reality.

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