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Ukraine President’s interview and the subtext

November 19, 2015

Ukraine President’s interview and the subtext

When one looks at this interview there are several interesting points to keep in the back of one’s mind.

  1. This is a president of a country arguing with a host of an interview
  2. Generally when these high level interviews happen the person taking an interview tries to be very congenial even when questions aren’t answered the way they want and softly goes along.
  3. Psychological undercurrent here is Ukraine is arguing as a country versus European establishment, which is trying to enforce guidelines. It does not matter whom is right or wrong, what matters is acceptance or denial of perceptions and ramifications taken from this outlook.

A lot of accusatory language both in title and context, but there is a lot of in-congruence in the way congeniality is attempted on one side and not reciprocated on the other. Almost like the talking points were forced into the conversation but the choreography failed on the point of the host at least.I am far more interested in the host’s behavior rather than the President. It is almost symbolic in a way interview by ‘De Welt’ – ‘the world’ but in such an agitated state of nervousness (the host).

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