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Decay of Humanism.

December 31, 2015

by Lushfun

Today as we sit on the precipice of the last day of the year viewing the entry into 2016 we should take note of our surroundings. Slowly but surely social expectations are warped into deviations of normalcy which wouldn’t have existed in the past. This is not good or bad it just is, however, one has to realize that since the robustness of these behavior or expressionisms did not get perpetuated by nature somewhere along the way alas it chose for these things to get extinguished out of the path of evolution. Granted we as humans have to explore change and test it but one does have to look back and smirk as nature winks back and takes its’ own.

To err is human, but today there is a significant pressure by society and economics at large to be perfect. Perfection is preached and aligned so that everyone could be perfect without exceptions, alas perfection does not exist in the real world and once we see these mirrors bent by wishful thinking shatter in the presence of experience all it does is set up psychological speed bumps to our interaction with the world.

Humanism or the art of being human in my view is no longer the experience sought by the people at large. What everyone wants is exceptional supremacy in treatment of one sort or another, generally at the expense of someone else or society at large. There is always a payment it may not be monetary but it is there, hiding in the pages of shadowy delusion weaved by us, in front of ourselves.

Society is on the hunt gathering itself into amorphous masses, tumultuous seas of iridescent discontent pushed onward by undercurrents of progressive suppression of verticals of expression. We are free only as free as the expression we can procure yet all this simply means that we are free to decay and degrade until of course this ocean jumps forth in a tsunami of change, that nobody would have predicted since all the venues to its’ path have been curtailed.

Imagine all the things that could have been built and tested all the layers of technological progress experimented with and all the other things possible that did not occur. Instead what we get are nice pictures of technological change from universities and elsewhere which is essentially discoveries of new things which get buried and forgotten about for the next decades. Most of these things get re-discovered as licenses for peanuts to large corporate users that monopolize a process and to a degree the medium of expression. What I see is a regression of young people manipulating very old technology that is dressed up in new and improved uniform that does not radically improve our lives. Nothing that pushes out the boundaries of excitement only fad marketing that sets forth idealistic reconstructionalists on paths of gadgetry prowess.

Future is bright but the light at the end of the tunnel is the train of inevitability. 3d printing is interesting but not with plastic or metal or with the printers created for the users at hand. Energy and alloy manipulation is also going to be an interesting aspect of new reality to come. The most radical change will be the magnitude of implementation and creation sweeping through the world. Social integration is bound to shatter in a multitude of ways none of which we can see until the fruition of their existence. All good things become good things after the usefulness of things before them wore thin into the fabric of obsolescence.

Be well good traveler and do not fade into the night. Enjoy the sunlight and the sky, within the airy day engulf the air and please your mind. Survive and thrive the changes all around and laugh as nature laughs beside you.

Have a happy 2016!

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