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Impacts of Fraying Globalism

January 12, 2016

Impacts of Fraying Globalism


Erosion of the returns towards ever massive mass production is finally gaining strength. Extreme rationalization of efficiency via fragmenting various parts of production occurred and we didn’t even notice when it was upon us. Ergo shipping copper to China from Chile to make wire that would be used in something in Taiwan to export to U.S. is well over. The curious aspect is that it ended not because shipping costs or other costs went up too high but because they imploded and the marginal profit of each actor was squeezed so thoroughly as to make market oversaturation deadly for all participants. Humpty Dumpty will never be put together again since on the margin a small producer that is local could fill the void until complete collapse of the massive import/exporters. Theoretically at least.

Philosophical sense of impact is more interesting. A world where all depend on all and everyone has to tolerate everyone else is well, over. Whomever defects in a system where everyone is interdependent looses the least and perhaps adapts or shapes the new system for themselves the most. Battle of ideas resumes with no panoramic all encompassing idiocy praising what is for all time. Good things if there ever were any. Comfort is going to suffer but on the bright side the ingrained inequality in society will be brought down to Earth in a certain sense. Less to distribute, less to steal, less to pump margins with, and less for the inefficient business and government. Granted it all takes time to digest through the system, but the ball is already rolling.

Optimism for the masses is gone. For the past five years we have entered the entertainment zone of preparation for the ideological malaise with cynicism and ruthlessness permeating the screen and what comes of it. Dog eat Dog world purveyed in all its’ glory to show the luster in ruthless competition for survival, putting shine on a turd in reality since it simply means that people are shown that creating something new is not an option. Funny how things are with glorification of fighting for a piece of bone is done with such furious ecstasy and pizzazz. Alas, the outcast creator will prosper dully in this unwanted space for all technology is liquid and passes where it needs to be to grow and bend the future. Strange how society tries to arrest development into re-distribution for the sake of stability, but the train already left the station. Where it goes nobody knows.


“Everybody Knows”

Be well dear reader

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