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Coming Week Geopolitcal and Economic events.

January 23, 2016

Coming Week Geopolitcal and Economic events.

by Lushfun

January 25th is the meeting on Syria in Geneva

These will probably be a failure like the ones before that, and the ones before that. Kurds will not be represented it seems. Opposition wants concessions from a position of weakness and is backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. This is Geneva 3 just to keep up on how many there were before. There were already consultations on January 13th between Russia-US-UN.


January 26th is the Case-Shiller home price index publish date.

I am quiet negative on it but my only reasoning is the sea of red(for sale) dots on zillow. Prices may be sticky and you can ask for anything you wish, but clearing them through sales and closings is another matter.


January 27th is the Investor Summit on Climate Risk held by UN in New York. The goal as always to create a global tax that creates monopolies which re-distribute power within various industries, as well as, hands out subsidies for others. Essentially a permanent hurdle for the rest of us. But hey I am just translating from bullshiteese.

“In order to limit global warming to 2°C and avoid the worst effects of climate change, the world needs to invest an additional $44 trillion in clean energy—more than $1 trillion per year for the next 36 years.” (from

Most of this money if this ever happens will be channeled through the sponsors via subsidies, incentives, and general flow diversions.

“Clean Trillion” a year no less, sounds like a great movie theme for a robbery.


Be thankful dear reader for “Free Speech”, thankfully it still exists



Have to mention Richard Lintzen story about him in link 4) below. is a great site good link with summary of data below.







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