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Belief and Popular Fantasy

January 28, 2016

Belief and Popular Fantasy

by Lushfun

Has anyone noticed how popular fantasy is shaping our view here, there, and everywhere. Slow seepage of ruthlessness and segmentation of some being “chosen” with special magical powers or selective prowess of some kind being naturally above the common folk. Every person begins to fantasize about the phantasmagorical view of the world and how it interlays with our current reality. Slowly but surely we gain a little solidarity with others whom see those shows, read those books, have those exaggerated fantasy perspectives. Alas, it all creates a sense of relativity of a bubble mentality in a social setting where you are disassociated from realistic perceptions of social reality.


What have we seen lately, just to list a few things that are normalized in book, film, cultural perception, regulations, normative treatment in schools, etc.

1) The change of traditional roles but anchoring of traditional responsibilities.

2) Indulgence of might of collective belief in respect to private rights of what is fair

3) Fairness is individualized based on your social standing

4) Weakness is trampled and degraded as a natural aspect of society

5) Power is above all else, with all responsibility tied to it, erased

From the “game of thrones”, “supernatural”, “house of cards”, “Versailles”, “shades of grey”, mutants of various kind, and so on and so forth.


Sometimes the characters and whatnot say the words that make pretense of virtue as it was, but act with exception. Thus they are always exceptional and only the common folk or the rest of us have to cope with reality by implication. But we all are made to be the ‘viewer’ the ‘chosen’ the ‘exceptional’ through the backward induction of seeing things from above we feel power where we have none, if only for an instant just to get a glimpse of what is taken from our grasp by the simple and resolute social reality of today. It seems kind of funny if one simply thinks about it. You are given a narrative with powerful imagery and a sense of awe and control, but in the end all of this was simply a commercial to get back into the malaise of everyday. Someday, someday soon you too will be a super hero, in your head first but then everything will happen *sarcasm*. Yet, this is simply a conditional response to the bells and whistles, now you can get back in line and not feel so small nor work against it in normal fashion. You don’t have to work hard to improve your knowledge or abilities, you don’t have to hustle to establish social networks that can payoff someday in the future, you don’t have to strain yourself through sports or some other way to establish that sense of strenuous accomplishment, no longer just wait and watch a movie, read a book, indulge your senses and slowly sink in the ocean of social disassociation and a bubble of redress that doesn’t quiet fix things.


Bend reality with your mind, push it with your deeds, there is only this world, for today you are HUMAN!!!


be well and take care






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