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Wage Hack for the Unemployed!

January 29, 2016

Wage Hack for the Unemployed!

by Lushfun

Are you in search of a good paying job? Perhaps as an engineer? Maybe in finance? Could you be looking to work in technology or software services? Maybe a government job? Well I am sorry to tell you but unless you can “Wage Hack” you are $h*t out of luck. What is “Wage Hacking” you ask. Simple!!!

“Given a 16-hour deadline, unlimited energy drinks and of course, lots of munchies, Broadcom invited the current class of northern California-based engineering interns”

And when that round of interns drops dead you can go on to the next HAHAHAHA #wagehack

Step 1.

You start a company just like Broadcom, Intel, Google, Goldman Sachs, or anything else and apply for your share of the H1-B, H-2B, L-1, or something similar.

Step 2.

Once you get your quota of visas after you “campaign contribute” *wink* *wink* you can proceed

Step 3.

“Negotiate” a contract with a company, a federal agency, a municipality, a state, or some other entity for a ‘staffing’ or ‘technology’ or ‘service’ contract where you need specialized skills. Perhaps you need a water specialist like those cities that are poisoning their populations with lead and other impurities due to skipping doing any actual work.

Step 4.

Once you got the contract in hand and received your deposit, you are SET! All you need now is wage slaves, I mean interns, or better yet, “foreign technology specialists”. F#ck yeah! Just ship a container full of workers, pay them in skittles while they live twelve to a room that you book as a ‘pay package’ for each one. Once you have the cows I mean “specialists” making you money, you too may buy yourself a mansion, heck buy two and an airplane.

“More than 80 percent of H-1B visa holders are approved to be hired at wages below those paid to American-born workers for comparable positions, according to EPI.”


A federal government study concluded that 20% of the H-1B applications are fraudulent in some respect. An entire cottage industry of firms that obtain H-1B workers and then “loan” them to another employer has cropped up. One such firm has been convicted of repeated violations of the program, was fined and excluded for a year.”


You may think I am kidding…

But the problem is not the H-1B model but that it essentially got copied, and spread to regular economy.

Now you get staffed by a local company at $15 an hour while it gets $50 an hour for you, and the whole model is simply onshore filters of siphoning money from the labor force. Congratulations on reaching indentured servitude just like in the old days just with shorter time frames and easier application.

Ah good ole government:

On January 20, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division issued Administrator’s Interpretation 2016-1: Joint Employment under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act, which identifies common scenarios in which two or more employers jointly employ an employee and are thus jointly liable for compliance.”

(Notice the scenario is a Staffing Co. and a Hotel so the applicability is not for Agricultural workers but probably all workers)

Thank you GOOGLE, BROADCOM, etc., ALL Cities, States, AND Federal government agencies that use 3rd party companies to staff yourselves silly, so that you and your “Friends” could get the difference, bless you each and every one, now we know what to do! [sarcasm with a heavy dose of satirical enthusiasm is contiguously present]

Edward Snowden was also hired as a contractor by the way, because someone somewhere had a contract to make billions.


Cool video on fake hiring ads.

gov’t contracting out government functions video

Best of luck dear reader and enjoy the show.

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  1. January 29, 2016 4:55 am

    Wage unemployed parrots, I had leftovers from my previous night of princess-feasting to finish the game. . . . . . . . I dont know. Either way, so goes the mystery. I don’t want to sound preachy but I’m doing a great time at the restaurant. . . . . But I’m doing what you have written but cant forsee myself working on another note that I can do let me tell a lot.


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