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Turkey Dark Decade ahead? (a satirical escapade)

March 18, 2016

Turkey Dark Decade ahead? (a satirical escapade)

by Lushfun

A huge statue of Turkish former leader Erdogan is going up in Trabzon, “Bless that man” says one local named Ahmed, “if it weren’t for him none of this would have been possible” he exclaimed as his eyes welled up in emotion. It seems fitting that Laz autonomous republic under Russian guidance was formed and incorporated into Armenia giving it access to maritime trade. Once the denunciation of Treaty of Kars occurred and Kurdish independence was recognized by the United States, Russia, and Iran borders of Turkey were considerably changed. Syria regained most of Hatay province except for parts in the north that were given to the Kurds to establish maritime access. Between ten and fifteen million refugees went to Europe where their relatives helped them integrate into society. Germany had its’ population swell to 95 million as it was the most obvious choice. Most of the new arrivals were being settled in the state of Yeni Ankara formerly known as Lower Saxony.


While a blessing for some it was a true disaster for Turkey. Chaos that occurred after invasion of North-Eastern Syria and Iraq created a shock in financial markets. Lira began to plunge precipitously as most of foreign capital began to flee, capital controls were imposed and overnight it went from 3 to the dollar to 7, after a week it hit 10 and you could not get dollars anywhere but the black market, foreign reserves were almost completely depleted in futile attempts to prevent the unwinding and to refinance industry. European Union bureaucrats were running around screaming about “stability loans” and “immigration prevention subsidies” but the tumult that was unleashed could not be put back as it was before. Bread shortages occurred after two months because Russia would not export grain and other producers had already sold their forward.

On the front the army was being decimated and massive casualties collapsed any semblance of structure. The insurrection of Kurdish rebels in many places all over South-East and elsewhere created pandemonium. When the flag of PKK the ‘terrorist organization’ that Turkey tried to destroy went up in Gaziantep the expeditionary front collapsed. All reserves were thrown to re-establish Adana-Sivas-Samsun line of defense. Three hundred thousand casualties occurred when retreat north was enveloped from various forces in two cauldrons that were decimated. Millions of displaced were shutting down traffic and paralyzing the country. People went to the streets in every city demanding something, anything, but to no avail. Panic consumed every facet of daily life as famine broke out.


That was ten years ago.

Today in the year 2027 Turkey a country of 43 million people with good relations with all its’ neighbors is back on the path to prosperity. Lira is at 2 to the dollar after it was denominated and three zeros were removed, years ago. Confederation of the Straights that was modeled after Switzerland, Kurdish Republic, Syria, Laz AR within Armenia, all have good trade relations established after the government in Ankara collapsed and a treaty of complete capitulation was signed. President Erdogan in a fit of rage as he was rallying the parliament in Ankara had a stroke, but the one after him was a tranquil man that enjoyed the rebuilding process. Reparations of $150 billion dollars and 1500 tons of gold were almost completely paid off to all the actors including Cyprus which was reunited after Turkey evacuated troops from the island.


Hopefully this was somewhat entertaining and enjoyable read with food for thought.


Be well and enjoy spring.

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