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Status economics and ideological regression

April 8, 2016

Status economics and ideological regression

by Lushfun


If one slowly skims through the decay of global ‘growth’ and the economic implosion underway there seem to be three or even more paths that are coalescing together.


Path One.

Social groupthink is disintegrating as based by rating implosion via TV and other channels of mass conditioning. This carries with it dis-anchoring of what it is to mean of a person to belong to a specific socio-economic group. Don’t get me wrong the rich know they are rich and the poor know they are poor. The problem is in the meaning that carries forth for the people in between. These meanings are not just disappearing or being shaped into things we know nothing about but are diverging into aspects we have no understanding of in theory. Ergo imagine you are making seventy grand a year but can’t afford to buy any “assets” due to overhead such as; student loans, rent, food, insurance costs, and so on. Theoretically you are productive, yet you have no benefits other than the ongoing treadmill of your life, in an, as is condition. Without meaning or some foundation people in such ‘constraints’ burn out. This is easily seen in the treadmills of HR departments that are harvesting skill-set graduates into motion within a set environment where they have low-to-no growth prospects but are niche contributors, easily replaceable yet have no way of influencing their environment since their time constrained. Meaning is displaced by being, and there is no big idea to fill the void for people to create some sort of foundation upon. It is no longer ‘necessary’…



Path Two.

Social norms of what people can, may, or should do is going away. There is no religious constraint even for the fairly religious strata in society, it is simply replaced by either “I am going to get mine whatever it takes” in relation to some object, or a completely random set of behavior that makes people operate in the grey-zone of society while pretending to comply with society at large. Only fear of what may or may not happen is constraining these outward manifestations, but only to a degree. Monetary excess by some is dangled in front of public at large, while images of gluttony bombard the advertising channels of the internet, TV, radio, and other venues for the destitute to feast upon. There is some sort of idiotic self-righteousness that is put forth through the delivery of want for the sake of want because of want in idealism of want. Yet, even for people on the screen these things are hollow.


Path Three.

Trade and businesses are leveraged for growth in a world of imploding demand. There is no expansion of the cycle in the future unless there is a big wipe-out of inventory and credit overhead that will not go away to allow for the cycle to re-set. Even a big war would not solve this, since any aftermath demand will quickly be saturated due to better technological progress and access to raw materials already stock piled. There is no new way of doing things that allows consumers to consume without bending future demand forward by constraining credit. Other thoughts do not enter central banking heads for there is no other way to solve things in their mind. We are approaching the wall and it is us.


Imagine a world where costs are growing daily but income is imploding monthly. How long will such a world last? It may outlast you or I but it cannot outlast itself. Perhaps, prospects of evolving into some new way of social interactions is underway but I doubt it. Society is extremely set in operating the way it can, until it can’t no longer.



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