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Trump Presidency Ramifications.

November 9, 2016

Trump Presidency Ramifications.

Today as the markets open to an agony of negativity, people should be quiet positive about the future. Whom is president matters only in the sense if of belief in those people fulfilling the functions they were elected to do, ergo bargain on your behalf and keep you secure as a nation. Presdients do not impact your own personal success that is still up to you. Struggle, hard work, and perseverance on the part of you, alone or part of a collective group is what brings success or failiure.

It is uplifting to see some sort of change or feedback into the system from the electorate and population at large which was called stupid and moronic, by the powers at large. It is very absurd to know what is best for someone without letting them have some sort of representation they can believe in. It is tough to rectify ethics and morals in system which plays favorites or established division income so ingrained in society that it eats at the core of said society to make it rot as floatsam in a swamp. Perhaps some of the changes we experience will not be politically correct, but they will benefit the majority of the populous in this country, and that is what national leaders are elected to do after all. Lead others and ensure the ability to prosper and be secure in your person or property as we live our lives.

Foreign entanglements need to end.

Taxes need to be brought into line.

Privacy needs to be restored.

Government bureaucratic layers peeled back.

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