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World in Flux

January 31, 2017

World in Flux


Europe is slowly coming to a faulty realization. But the reality is far harsher than what they think.

“The world has entered into highly unstable times and Europe is sitting over quick sand. This may absorb the entire European construct in no time without any warning; a small, minor random event will be enough. A butterfly can flap its wings in Beijing, causing a storm to tear Europe apart.”[1]

The dichotomy here is that their perception is that this is an externally caused ‘tumult’. It is not, nor has there ever been. Europe is suffering because of Europe first and foremost. Inability to answer and deal with the times is the problem. Placing blame on other countries vying for their own interest is stupid.

Most troubling is the inability to form even national plans of action in regards to re-positioning internal ‘rules’ and conditions of operations for people. Germany is in complete financial hunger games moment.

“Germany’s top regulators met about 50 envoys from foreign banks on Monday to explain how they could move business to Europe’s biggest economy after Britain leaves the European Union, German financial watchdog Bafin said.”[2]

It is fascinating that the expectation to hold a monetary center once Euro Zone collapses due to debt issues is the paramount issue. I am certain all those banks will have something in Germany, BUT the flow of money will not be taxed by Germany nor flow to Frankfurt. The issue here is that the financial taxes on trading Europe inacted and the amount of control they like to exercise. Neither issue invites confidence. Hidden aspect that nobody realizes that is coming is the clearance of trade goods and services in the markets will become a sovereignizing issue, thus control will shift to the export market. Fairly obvious in the U.S., China, and other places.

The question nobody asks after Euro Zone and EU falls apart is what national interest blocks will the continent have? Since interests of the Nordic countries, Eastern and Central Europeans, Western Europeans, and Mediterranean nations all have different priorities. This extreme divergence is the unknown and how it manifests Is the fear of the elites since during this time those whom direct and lead get to shape things for the future.

Most importantly people ignore the stories that haven’t been in the news. Lybia, Yemen, Egypt, Greece, and others have severe problems that impact Europe, yet it is all quiet. People continuously ignore what is in front of them to look at what is shown them via media pictures.




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