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Going to post general musings here about whats going on in my life.

December 21st, last day of semester but still do not know my grades went to Brighton Beach for a bit the boardwalk is deserted but its a workday and people are in a hurry to just do their shopping and scoot into their apartments out of the cold. It was nice on the boardwalk so few people even though it was chilly. People at school seem so preoccupied with the useless nothingness being taught, although perhaps I am just discounting education altogether lately some might be useful but the majority is probably not. Going outside did calm me down, although have nothing to be nervous about really, everything is good.

December 14th, just finished my last final, sleep glorious sleep.
nerves came down and i m so sleepy. it doesnt matter if i flunked out of school, just dreams and sleep.

December 13th, 2010, painfully procrastinating doing my paper, it and the final are tomorrow and hopefully all will be well. I am a fringe student due to not giving my effort and trying to coast with as least effort as possible. If only I used the extra time on picking up chicks, learning programing, or even getting a descent job. Alas, my focus is on sleep and going around online reading stuff that I do not apply or has any particular use but is gratifying to know.

Playing with a blog is sorta interesting every bump in traffic every twitter, stumbler, digg, thing you do that might bump it a little click click, tick tick and the time melts away.

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