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North Korea under liquidation? and why it may be?

April 25, 2017

North Korea under liquidation? and why it may be?

by LushFun

It is becoming readily apparent that the North Korean project is coming to an end. Both U.S. and China are signaling some sort of an agreement of no longer tolerating the regime as it currently stands. Both the nuclear posturing and the blackmail against both U.S. and China in order to gain economic means has slowly but surely skewed both to curtail engagement with the North Korean government. The tactical and strategic value North Korea may have had has been overturned by both technology and cost of confrontational tension on the ground, in the form of troops, and other military assets committed by U.S., China, South Korea, Japan and others.

Why now? Well considering the desperation of the regime once all economic “subsidies” in the form of “aid” for the promise of non-proliferation or other promises which the North Korean regime violated it became clear that the consensus between U.S. and China is the key element in ending things as they have been for decades. Giving up positioning of U.S troops above the 38th parallel and other weaponry does not impede nor endanger in any way commitments by the U.S. to its’ allies. Technological progress made proximity to the front lines more or less obsolete by more advanced weaponry, it did not however remove the ideological nor face saving value carried by giving up an “ally” even one that is more or less independently playing everyone against everyone else.

Ideological value removal from the global arena is another interesting aspect. Juche Ideological purge from the global milieu. Furthermore alleviation of confrontational dynamic in the region that is tied to something other than strategic, tactical, core economic, and realistically based interests creates a far more reasonable ability to come to terms with others as the amount of random variables and players is reduced. Speculation on cost of removal one may expect certain savings that will be re-directed to more poignant points of contention in the region.


Unified Korea as a stimulus project may provide; U.S., China, Russia, Japan and others in the region that may be able to participate in both infrastructure and other build outs that would be carried out to re-connect it to the South upon various levels. Ergo fiberoptic cable for internet, steel and other aspects, nuclear reactors or other energy and electricity producing infrastructure, and so on will need to be built providing hundreds of billions in demand both direct and indirect to the global and regional markets.

If China and/or U.S. succeed in removing the regime and re-integrating two Koreas, there will be a shift in the world stage. Perception of both powers will change and both will gain standing. Vacuum that is taken up by North Korean doings today will be taken up by someone else. All the time spent focusing on it as a problem along with other resources will make a considerable unseen influence in how we see new things presented to us. The context of difference on the world stage will lower.

Enjoy the summer


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