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Avoiding the Issues

August 21, 2011

August 20th, 2011 by Lushfun
Avoiding the Issues

There seems to be an avoidance of the issues perhaps far more than usually lately. These are rather simply if you think about it; food, shelter, and a place where you could earn that keep. Most of statistics paraded for us as the general public these days tend to ignore the issues and focus on arbitrary numbers which provide a dilution of focus.

In some way to put a stamp on the way it governs the people in charge assume that renaming an aspect from one calling to another provides drive or inititative and reorienting a process within a beuracratic system is actually leadership and change. In reality it is nothing more than rearrainging the chairs from left to right, up to down, without much actual benefit to those whom will sit in them. Change comes from letting someone else be in charge and do things for themselves which they wished to but are forbiden by someone stronger(the gov’t).

Environmental protection agency (EPA) and food and drug administration (FDA) enjoy certain claims to fame through harvesting environmental disasters and routine chances of something wrong happening through the virtue of many instances of action within a specific sphere. Every media covered event lets both agencies reach for more and more power to regulate higher and higher levels of compliance from greater amounts of people. At some point there must be a price of inefficiency, and it accertains itself in the inability of small business to participate in the economy where everything has to be certified, standardized, tested, and paid for on a scale most of them cannot afford it. Perhaps that is the ideal to have three-four companies whom have people in every agency that regulates them to freeze out any modicum of competition, the price for it is very many angry people. Quiet a few agencies need to be severely scaled down and their scope curtailed.

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