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Designed to deserve.

June 25, 2012

Designed to deserve. By Lushfun

It seems we all deserve something. Perhaps you feel that the ‘intelligent’ design of today’s society provides you with a modicum of expectations specifically tailored to your expectations. You would be very wrong but not undue to social programming.

You deserve nothing, other than what you get or what you earn by the struggle of your inner being in the outer world that is life. This is the reality. No amount of degrees or pedigrees you attain make you a better person whom has no stamps of approval from a socially tailored institution.

Alas, in this day and age we have a gatekeeper qualifier system that keeps progressing to create multiple levels a pyramid scheme that makes us think that once we reach one level and progress to the next our material, mental, and other well being will improve. Sadly grasshopper it is not so. Being good or bad means nothing. Getting something matters, how you get it not so much, as long as you get away with it.

We can see it everywhere the unconventional path rewarded with success spurring on lots of idiots to follow the conventional path to follow it. Most good writers did not go through a ‘program’ do become good, they either were or became through experience and gradual recognition. Most rich people started out on a break either they or their family created not through an MBA program via an Ivy League school. But this is not what we are fed.

As a nation we are gradually corralled via dimunition of our ability to risk ourselves at our own expense by systemically making it harder and harder to do so that is acceptable to society at large. Remember the “go west!” and implicit conquer, build, create motto. Today it seems go hierarchical into school, college, pyramidal scheme of submission and regurgitation. Risking and failing is frowned upon, we only see the winners but never the strugglers and those that fail only to get up over and over again.

We expect with each passing year to deserve more life foisted upon us by the society which gives everyone a blue ribbon for being there. Sadly complacent, fat in mind and body, content with celebration and adulation of mediocrity by pretending it is in fact success.

Reality is slowly creeping up, what have you done?
What is really not aired via TV, Internet, School, or elsewhere is thus: Success is INDIVIDUALISTIC… yes there are teams, companies, and society at large. But the only one whom your success matters to is YOU! For the most part they don’t give a shit about you and you shouldn’t give a shit about them. That is the truth. Let us go out into the world each on his own merit and conquer a peace of it! Long live the individualist!!!

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